Pomellato 2013 Collection Preview on March 7 & 8, 2013

Mr. Andrea Morante, CEO of Pomellato hosted an exclusive media and guest event to announce the opening of its new shop at ifc mall, and to introduce the brand and some of their signature and latest pieces to people in Hong Kong.

Mr. Andrea Morante, CEO of Pomellato
Performer and actor Chris King showing the jewelry in an enchanted way
Ladies Luncheon
Mr. Givanni Polvani, Mr. Andrea Morante, CEO of Pomellato and Mr. Luciano Tattoni
Mrs. Cecillina Glaser and Ms. Janana Suleymanli
Mrs. Jacqueline Liu and Ms. Min Chen, Managing Director of Pomellato China
Mrs. Suelynn Hwa
Ms. Alix Fownes, Ms. Wendy Cheng, Mrs. Cecillina Glaser, Mrs. Akemi Himoru
Ms. Becky Lin and Ms. Vanessa Yen
Ms. Angelina Bussinger Lee, Ms. Julie Levine, Ms. Camellia Duncan and Ms. Kate Wilson
Ms. Jeanny da Silva and Mrs. Suelynn Hwa