Ifc mall Boutique Opening & Private Dinner on July 9, 2013
Jimmy Choo held a special cocktail to celebrate the opening of their first dual gender store at ifc mall on July 9, 2013, attended by award-winning actress Ms. Shu Qi and famous music producer Mr. Anthony Wong, famed actor and model couple Mr. Simon Yam and Qiqi among others. The evening was followed by a private dinner to end the special night.
Amanda S.
Ana R.
Anthony Sandstrom, Jocelyn Luko
Anthony Wong 黃耀明
Balia Chan 陳祉妤
Carl Ng 吳嘉龍
Catherine Tse
Cissy Wang 汪詩詩
Irene Wang 汪圓圓, Cissy Wang 汪詩詩
Iris Ho, Evan Chow
Janet Ma 馬詩慧
Leigh Tung
Leonard Chao 邵益坤, Candice Chan 陳浩寧
Ming Ho 何明懿
Olivia Lee-Davies 李桂蘭
Qiqi 琦琦, Simon Yam 任達華
Rachal Ngan 顏穎思, Andrea Mak, Annie Ling
Shu Qi 舒淇