The Macallan M Decanter Global Launch Event on May 30, 2013
The Macallan introduced The Macallan M masterpiece at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and celebrated their first global event in Asia by unveiling a collaboration of three masters: The Macallan, Fabien Baron & Lalique.
Mr. Alan Mao, Mr. Jonas Yang and Mrs. Jade Kwan Yang
Mr. Jeremy Young, Mrs Nicola Cheung Young, Mrs. Carmen Lee, Mr. Samuel Lee, Mr. Thomas Yiu & Mrs. Anita Yiu
Mr. Joseph Lee, Mr. Moses Tsang and Mr. C.C Tung
Mr. Ken Grier, Mr. Silvio Denz and Mr. Martin Reimann
Mr. Kyle Smigielski, Ms. Pem Banigan and Mr. Alex Lam
Mr. Peter Convi, Ms Courtney Norris, Ms. Brittaney Mcquarrie
Mr. Tenniel Chu, Ms. Carmen Chu and Mr. Derek Yeung
Mr. Thomas Wu and Mr. Roy Kwong
Mr. Tom Lee
Mr. Tony Cruz, Ms Antonio Cruz and Mrs. Paulene Cruz
Mrs. Carmen Lee and Mr. Samuel Lee
Mrs. Gillian Wong and Mr. Dennis Wong
Mrs. Josephine Yun and Mr. John Ying
Mrs. Kathy Chow Lepeu Mrs. Marianne Mao and Ms. Nikki Chow
Mrs. Laura Ly and Mr. Alexander Ly
Mrs. Reina Chau