Highland Park Valfather & Highland Park 26 Year Old Launch on August 20, 2019
The award-winning Highland Park has launched their latest whiskies in Hong Kong - the “Valfather” and the “Highland Park 26 Year old –Søren Solkær 26 Years of Photography” limited edition whisky. Whisky enthusiasts and opinion leaders were invited to join Highland Park to celebrate this momentous occasion at Jacada on Wyndham Street, Central.
Guest speaker, Mr. George Kousakis
(From left) JD and Michelle Cheung
(From left) Matt Lai and Tony Lau
(From left) Candy Lim and Alex Liu
(From left) Katherine Ho, Adrienne Lau, Sonia Wong
(From left) Debbie Zhuang and Steven Chou
(From left) Angela Lam and Sailor Hui
(From left) Lewis Leung and Kelvin Cheong